Q: I’m getting complaints about sound leaking from one room to the next. Can this be fixed?

A: This situation can usually be improved, but it can’t always be fixed. First, check your panels for obvious sound leaks. Turn out the lights on one side of the operable wall and go into the dark room and inspect the wall for light leaks. Anyplace the light shines through the sound is coming through. We can usually fix these types of problems during a Preventive Maintenance & Inspection. Sometimes gaskets and sound seals need to be replaced. However, there can be sound leaks that are not the fault of the operable wall. Sound goes through the ceiling plenum, through the carpet fibers under the wall, through the drywall at the ends of the wall and just about any other "flanking path" it can find. We can help you identify these sound leakage areas so that you can repair the problem.

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