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Recovering Operable Walls & Air Walls

Recovering operable walls and air walls is not as simple as recovering a room or hallway. To be properly done, there are various trim items that must be removed from the wall panels prior to installation of new wallcovering and then reinstalled later. Vertical panel edges often also have to be removed and reinstalled. The recovering is done with the panels hanging in their normal positions. Problems can develop due to undiscovered rust underneath the old wallcovering, wall covering that has been applied with adhesive that’s too strong to allow stripping and substituting thicker or thinner wallcovering than what was on the panels originally. Often ribbed acoustic wall carpet is being applied in place of an earlier vinyl wallcovering and proper steps must be taken to insure a satisfactory result.

Recovering operable walls and airwalls always involves a lot more than just stripping the old covering and applying the new one. Our crews know what types of adhesives to use, how to properly remove and re-install trim and vertical edges and how to prepare panel faces for the new wallcovering. Recovering is definitely an activity where it pays to spend more to have the job done right the first time.