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Preventive Maintenance for
Operable Walls & Air Walls

It’s always cheaper to avoid repairs by keeping operable wall systems (also known as airwalls) properly maintained. Your air wall system is probably the largest piece of mechanical equipment on your property. Like all mechanical devices, things need to be tightened, aligned, lubricated and cleaned periodically to protect the investment you’ve made and to keep your customers happy. We offer a complete Preventive Maintenance and Inspection Service as well as a less thorough Lube and Adjust Service to suit your needs and your budget.

Operable Wall & Air Wall Repairs

We specialize in repairing operable wall and airwall systems. Operable walls and airwalls break for many reasons. Sometimes an air wall system that would have been better suited in a school or church has been installed in a hotel and is not holding up to hotel requirements and usage. Sometimes the personnel setting up and moving the folding wall system are not as careful as they should be and are the cause of the problem. Sometimes the original installation of the operable wall system was not done properly. And, sometimes, things simply break. We have extensive knowledge of all major folding wall brands, including Hufcor, Modernfold, Panelfold, Moderco and Kwik Wall. With many years of repair experience, we know what breaks and why. We have new operable wall parts for "air walls" that are still in production and we have reconditioned parts for most walls that are out of production.

Basketball Backstop Repairs & Maintenance

It is critical that all basketball backstop equipment be properly maintained and promptly repaired when needed. Lifting cables, pulleys, winches and motors must be kept in "top notch" working condition. We offer "on call" repair service as well as scheduled maintenance programs. We can convert manual crank operated backstops to motorized operation.

Gym Divider Curtain Repairs

Although there are roll-up gym dividers, fold-up gym dividers and manual side draw dividers, our service crews can keep all of them in proper working condition. We can replace defective and worn parts or can replace entire vinyl curtains. We can also add radio controls to existing motor operated curtains.