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Our Story

Continental Partition Systems offers complete repair, renovation, recovering, remodeling and relocation services for all brands of operable walls, airwalls (air walls), accordion doors, roll-up/ fold-up gymnasium dividers and basketball backstops. We also specialize in retro-fit replacement of existing operable wall systems. A Preventive Maintenance and Inspection Service is available in addition to all repair services.

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How it began

It began in 1986 when two old farts (who weren't so old back then) decided to start a business: installing and servicing overhead doors and servicing airwalls in hotels around Denver. Broke and with nothing left to lose, they decided that the economic downturn would allow for a business in such a niche market to prosper.

Like the little business that could, they succeeded. In 1989, they expanded their service territory and learned enough to begin installing new operable partitions, dipping their toes into the small, but diverse, ponds of tenant finish.

This only made them hungry for America’s apple pie. They quickly expanded into other parts of the country with fully staffed offices in Orlando, Northern Virginia, and Dallas.

That is, until 2008, when the Great Recession emerged from American’s underbelly like a rising tide of toxic sludge. Quickly regrouping, they decided to close those offices and focus on Colorado. While they have not re-opened any offices, CPS has been able to continue offering service and repair work around the country.

How it Continues

Our mission is to provide quality products, exceptional services, and the expertise to get the job done right with little to no hassle. We will continue to swim in new ponds (and possibly lakes) and eat apple pie.

In order to keep doing that, we have increased our business portfolio. Since 2008, we now represent manufacturers of gymnasium equipment, exterior folding glass doors, bathroom partitions and lockers.

The Management Team

Chad Vollmar - President
Years Experience
Sam Jennemann - Office Manager
Years Experience
Randy Wheeler - Service Manager
Years Experience