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Folding & Sliding Glass Walls

Folding glass walls offer a flexible and customizable opening that can be incorporated into any residential or commercial project, including covered patios, living rooms, decks, enclosed porches, and pool houses.


Vision Wall

Single Panel Configuration
1/2” Thick Tempered Glass
Glass Options: Clear, Tinted, Colored, Etched, Sand Blasted, Acrylic, or Custom
Horizontal Rails Finish: Clear Anodized (Optional Paint) and Anodized Finishes Available Upon Request
Max Standard Height: 12Ft
Max Standard Width: 48In

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Crystal Wall

1/4" Thick Tempered Glass Compliant with ASTM C1048
STC of 44
Single and Paired Panel Configurations
Frame Finishes: Anodized, Powder Coated “
Glass Options: Clear, Acid Etched, Sand Blasted, Frosted, Etched Designs, or Custom
Additional Features: Remote Controlled Internal Electrically Operated Tilting Horizontal Blinds

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