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Aspen Ridge Preparatory School

Aspen Ridge Preparatory School is a PK-8 Core Knowledge public charter school located in beautiful Erie, Colorado. Their mission is to think independently, participate in our integrated world, and achieve individual goals in order to gain knowledge and understanding. They will approach challenges with confidence and assist others in the community while learning and growing together on the trail of success.

CPS installed one operable partition in 2018



Moderco Signature 841 Series Operable Partition

Configuration: Individual Panels
Panels: 9
STC: 53
Track Finish: Clear Anodized
Panel Frame Finish: Clear Anodized
Closure: Telescopic
Top Seals: Retractable
Bottom Seals: Retractable
Panel Skin: Standard Vinyl
Color: Platinum 5721-96
Includes: 8x 4’ High Porcelain Markerboards on all panels – Side 2